Anik Samanta

The Seasons

The evening drizzle kisses
The open road
Then it pours
The rain bites breaks batters
Like the drizzle your smile flowed
Into my blood
Your laugh bites breaks batters
My febrile flesh
It was spring when we exchanged glances
My heart like a swallow found a home
In your eyes
Then I took your hand in mine
And the warmth of summer blazed
In my blood
But we had met only to part
Autumn came
With unsaid words leeward of hope
Memory frosted into winter
Endless wordless bloodless

Dream In Autumn

The dustpath ran through the woods
Your laughter rang low in the distance
I ran along
Trying to catch the flower of your lungs
The trees were murmuring into the breeze
I felt they were calling your name
Your laughter rang low
I ran and I ran
The leaves were falling onto the ground
My heart bled autumn
And suddenly I felt a chill
In the mirror of the clear pool before me
I saw my face had lost its eyes and mouth
Your laughter rang in the distance low
I ran along
Amidst the shower of falling leaves


A hungry wind swept
Through my veins
In the meandering Milky Way
I looked for you
The breath that you had let out
A thousand moons ago
And that I had nursed
In my cupped hands
Through the thousand winters
Just became a swallow
And flew away
I looked in the mirror
It was bloodied
And I knew
It was autumn

Anik Samanta

Anik Samanta was born in 1983 and read English at Jadavpur University, where he is currently pursuing PhD. He is an Assistant Professor in English under the West Bengal Higher Education Service, currently posted at Govt. General Degree College Salboni, Paschim Medinipur. His book of poems Wordfall was published by Nandimukh Samsad in 2018. Apart from poetry his interests are Western classical music and photography.