Savu Elena-Corina

Song of the nature

I heard the raindrops falling on the green grass
I heard the church bell ringing far away,
But I did not hear your voice, human,
Earnestly calling out my name.
Will I be able to hear it some time?
When the time passes, will you realize
The reason that flowers wither?!
People naturally forget...
Who always silently watching over them.
A moment freezes time
(I) see a pair of eyes looking steadily at me,
(I) feel a pair of arms encircling my waist.
(I) hear the echo of a tormented soul.
Maybe it's a new beginning, or...
Maybe there already is no tomorrow
Were do they all go?
The people who loved me,
The people who leaved me,
The passing people and longing...
I can’t figure it out!
Facing the vast ocean stars
We are tiny like dust.
Fate had us meet outside a chaotic world,
But destiny fate us to be united in hardship.
Maybe our future is far beyond light years
And even if the landslides,
tidal waves come to disturb our peace,
Without you, I don’t want to escape;
(feeling like) My pulse and heartbeat are
totally unimportant without you
are sufficient for resisting the rotation of the Earth
After many times of failure and anguish
We have realized we can’t avoid it
If love is the answer, I will love everything.
And you can do it.
Is enough to light up all hopes.
The universe is immense and cold
Our love is small yet shining,
precarious, yet selfless
Perhaps outside of this path is a dream
from which (we) do not wake
Outside of this chaotic world
there is a realm of happiness and trust
But in the end...
It turns out you are the curse
That I want the most to keep,
My dear, Human!


Waves break through the shore,
Flooding  the banks with tears.
Under the eyelids, pray lost its echo
And music is just a fad and broken sound
that separetes the worlds.

It's raining...
With tears from the sky
Over lonely souls,
Traveling to dusk
From the heights of suffering
With a final "burning" embrace

What's left after the gray rains fall,
from the soul to the forehead,
from the earth from which
the life went down to heaven?

We gather broken wings...
in fact, there are only piles of ash, but
we lie that we are still alive,
that we still feel,
that we have not yet lost our way
or His hand.

Ah, it's raining...
With tears that washed away sins
Over dried hearts,
Traveling from fire
Into eternal peace
With fragile wings.

My Ladybird

I felt the scent of wind and
A ladybird kissed my cheek
Her eyes are black
Her heart is red
If convergence is freedom,
Then we are both free
Hand mingles like
Two worlds crying out to be together
We would collide like
Two rivers rushing down two mountains
We forgot separation,
we kissed longing goodbye.
Now, only these glances remain...
She is lonely and sad and
Flits from branch to branch.
In the chaos of a hurricane,
Holding on to bitterness.
If suffering is freedom,
Then we are both free:
My ladybird!
From suffering all that pain
I can say the mist in her eyes
Was like the mists at sunrise.
Can you imagine
there is such a thing as love,
My ladybird?

Savu Elena-Corina

Savu Elena-Corina: Country: Romania. Born in October, Plopeni, Romania. The first published paper is titled Functions of law. Her passion for writing materializes with the advent of the novel plucked „Aripi smulse” („TornWings”) a novel in two volumes appeared in 2016, published by Smart Publishing. In 2016, her work „Cuplul, în căutarea paradisului pierdut” („The couple, in search of the lost paradise”) is included in the anthology of the same name, published by Karta Graphic. In 2016 appears her work „Lumi adiacente” („Connecting Worlds”), included in the anthology Jurnal de călătorie (Logbook) and in 2017 her work „The tears of nature” appeared in the international anthology Nature 2016. The best award in her career was a 3th place in international anthology Nature 2018.
Also, participations in creative-writing workshops.