Seena Sreevalson

Serendipitous Voyages

Don’t you know what I search in your finger tips!
Yes, we have passed miles of miseries
Crossed deserts of startling realities
Sailed through deep sea of emotions
Met wilderness of relations
Yet we refused to part
When we climbed to the mountain
Storms were strong avalanches were heavy
And we held our hands together
Was it when you trapped in the crevasse
Or when I fell from the cliff
I don’t remember
I heard a mysterious echo in my heart
The word I breathed was friendship

Why Do You
Break Her Bangles?

When the little green life
Woke up to the light
She got her first bangle

As Little beaks showered
Better grew the green life
Gifting new bangles

When it drizzled
Conifers smiled with joy
Blessed her more bangles

Sharing legends
The warm breeze
Befriended Jingling bangles

Dancing watery fairies
Cooled her bejeweled hands
Enchanted her bangles

The voracious folks
Marched to the paradise
Breaking her dear bangles

Gordian knots
Tightened, scattering
Her lovely green bangles

A thousand toothed arms
Attacked mercilessly
Conquered her bangles

Sobbing broken pieces
Pierced her heart
Silenced her bangles

Seeing the chewed green dreams
The wind whispered
Why do you break her bangles?

The Denouement

She made her way down the tapered road,
That burned black in the sun.
With naked feet so supple,
As an icy cube placed in an oven,
Raised her head, marched to the play.
Sunlight scorched those little eyes,
Which could dream only but two spoonful of rice.
She jumped right, made a somersault,
Touched her nose with those sizzling legs.
And she jumped left, sighed the wind,
Walked with her hands upside down.
Tiny hands moved left and right,
Up and down, jumped and crawled.
One by one gathered from here and there,
Gazing at her with a sensitive nod.
Burned skin and empty stomach,
Twitched her lips again and again.
Coins dropped from hither and thither,
Blistered in the dark road laid straight,
Not enough for a full meal.
As the crowd withdrew,
Her brown naughty hairs,
Bounced her cheeks glistened with tears.
Dashed the wheels of weary thoughts,
I hungered to speak

Seena Sreevalson

Seena Sreevalson is a poet , translator and editor from Kerala, India. She writes poetry in English and Malayalam. Her major themes include feminine sensibilities, nature, ecological issues and social issues. She has presented her poems in several national and international poetry fests. Her poems have also been featured in many international poetry anthologies. She is a teacher by profession and also a classical dancer who experiments in visual aspects of poetry. She has compiled and edited an Anthology The Current. which consists poems from 40 nations across the Globe She has directed Prime Poetry Festival , Kerala 2019.