Lee Kuei-shien

Mutual Mother

Since you have arrived in the World
the Universe has been enlightened.
You are the spring fountain of Nature
the Mother to nourish everything
by speechless love
filling in the whole space in Taiwan
on the same time axis as mine
at once far away and close by.
Wherever I have gone
you are together with my soul.
Without inquiring
I am always accompanied by you.
Without incarnation
you are forever my guardian Goddess.


A small room of heart can accommodate
whole sky, don't you believe
I definitely decide to empty it at all
for opening my mind to accept poetry and arts
turning the virtual figure that seen by everyone
into an essential reality in the world
turning the nothingness that seen by everyone
into a substantial  being of the life.
I have within my tiny heart full of
loves to my Taiwanese people and land.
As a Muse of poetry and arts
I am not necessarily to appear before you frequently
so long as you accept me in same opening your mind.
I do accompany with you always
and guard your soul keeping holy and purity.


Originated from the nature
my gesture keeps a natural melody.
I have engaged into the real world
to observe the reality of the world.
The hard suffering of the people
makes my thought
representing a colorful plural aspects.
My anxiety causes my appearance changed.
What my concerns
does not depart the essence of nature
yet combining
the evolution of modern technological


From hurt land
the arms extend again
as strong as steel.
The sun will never stingy to take care of
non-stop growing green leaves.
The cracked land is
still the base of growth.
Just do not despair
the hope has been waiting
for the deepest open wound
radiated by the sunshine at last.
The fresh bough of rebirth
would be cheered by storm and
grows up to a giant tree of thousand years.

Natural Law

My life is an incarnation of the tree
raised by the land.
My body has become in turn
the source of nutrition for other species
People and nature are symbiotic
Harmony in living is an universal truth.
Mushroom are parasites on the tree
and the tree incarnates to my life.
My life is
nothing but the mushrooms in nature.
I present the example
an invariable natural law.

Lee Kuei-shien 李魁賢

Lee Kuei-shien: Born in. 1937. Taiwan, served as chairman of National Culture and Arts Foundation from 2005 to 2007, now is vice president of Movimiento Poetas del Mundo. He published 25 poetry books, some of them have been translated and published in Japan, Korea, Canada, New Zealand, Netherlands, Yugoslavia, Romania, India, Greece, Lithuania, USA, Spain, Brazil, Mongolia, Russia, Cuba, Chile, Poland, Nicaragua, Bangladesh, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo and Turkey. Awarded with Merit of Asian Poet, Korea1994, Rong-hou Taiwanese Poet Prize, Taiwan1997, World Poet of the Year 1997, Poets International, India1998, Poet of the Millennium Award, International poets Academy, India2000, Lai Ho Literature Prize and Premier Culture Prize, both in Taiwan2001. He also received the Michael Madhusudan Poet Award from Michael Madhusudan Academy2002, Wu San-lien Prize in Literature2004, Poet Medal from Mongolian Cultural Foundation2005, Chinggis Khaan Golden Medal for 800 Anniversary of Mongolian State2006, Oxford Award for Taiwan Writers2011, Award of Corea Literature of Korea2013, Kathak Literary Award of Bangladesh2016, Literary Prize "Naim Frashëri" of Macedonia2016, "Trilce de Oro" of Peru2017, National Culture and Arts Prize of Taiwan2018, and Bandera Iluminada of Peru2018..