Opal Ingram

A Song -Peace I Chant

Peace I chant red white and blue.
A Song through the streets.
Where the eagles soar
Where dreams flow.
Peace I chant.
Where all my days my footsteps gleams
Where the eagles soar.
Beneath the soul for those who dwell by the coast.
On a mountain top
I shall walk peace I chant
Where the eagles soar.
Peace I chant!.
With a peal of laughter.
Impart with a joy.
And a smile.
Peace I chant.

The Whisper

The whisper with an eye to be held
The air blew gently caress
She stood still.
So bare with an eye to behold
Her thoughts were lively and tender with an eye to behold
The whisper.
The gentle air moves slowly against her cheek.
Oh the air felt warm like a whisper with an eye to behold
She stood In a gaze
The whisper felt brilliant.
With a departed the air breeze wildly with a quiet beauty bare
The whisper.


My ear quail
With a ring
It was an image I never felt before.
My heart pound In my gut
My heart began to beat  I gasp with my hands over my mouth, I felt relieved clarity gave me a boost of energy I felt chemistry drawn into nature  I felt at ease in my thoughts the moment clarity overcame with a purpose.

Opal Ingram

Opal Ingram Is an Author/Poet from New York City currently lives in Captial Region NY. She Is the Mother of two Lovely daughters and A Grandmother of two grandchildren.  She Is the Author of 5books and six translated short reads. Black Stockings 360, Contre Le Vent, Audiobook, Like a Rag Doll, Paperback Like a Rag Doll: Me Too. Against the Wind, Also feature In several International Literary Publications, Anthologies,  Verses On Racism, Resistance and Refugee Crisis Volume 1, Edited by Dr.Shamenaz Bano, Forward by Maram Al Masri ( Syrian Poet), World Poetry on Let there be Peace A Paradigm for Peace Strategies, By Editor Dr.Deen Dayal, Complexion Based Discrimination Global Insights By Dr. Deen Dayal, Moonlight Dreamers of Yellow Haze, Dandelion In a vase of Roses by Michael Lee Johnson, She also has Poetry feature In Several Literary magazines, Atunis Poetry ZCom In Europe, Tuck Magazine  In UK, Random Poem  Tree In Caribean, Wildfire Publications. And She has her own Poetry Blog  at Word Press  Com My Journey Poetry, Under Pen name Moca 45,  She also has a Poetry group on facebook OpaI Expressions Poetry.