Mary Bone

Troubled Water

The silence of the pond at night,
Leads creatures large and small,
To the edge for a drink.
There are no reflections tonight,
Just the rippling effect of a frog jumping.
There are a few creaking twigs in the forest.
The water is troubled at midnight,
As brave animals make their way back to safety.
They are all trying to survive another day.

Blossoming Spring

A Tiger’s Eye ring
Surrounded by turquoise and amethyst,
Glittered on my finger.
Brilliance began in the forest
As spring blossomed around me.

Fragrance Of Spring

Rosebud lips whispered a new beginning,
As flowers bloomed in nature.
This fragrance couldn’t be captured
In a bottle.
With my window open,
My thoughts turned to spring.

Mary Bone

Mary Bone’s poetry has recent been published at Our Poetry Archives, Night Garden Journal, The Song Is Blogspot, Creative Expressions, PPP Ezine, Pure Slush, Brave Voices, Minute Magazine, Spillwords and other places.