Sarala Balachandran

The Nature

Let us all dance 
In the cool breeze
In tune with nature's melodies
Let many buds
bloom in a day
making our land beautiful!
Let the fragrance spread
through the breeze
Let the sun shine
nurturing them with
the golden rays !
Let the moon cool
them from
the heat of the sun
Giving all a soothing spell!
Let the stars sparkle
like pretty diamonds
Let the clouds float through
the beautiful sky
Let the drizzle
keep us lively throughout!
Let the dewdrops kiss
our beautiful souls
let the willows
sing lullabies
to put us to sleep
kissing us good night
and sweet dreams!
©®-Sarala Balachandran

Earth Is The Right Place
For Love

This is the only place where
you can give and get love
The much needed love
For your happy survival
Earth gives you right choices
The lush green meadows
The high mountains
The singing brooks and
The gurgling streams
Here is the place to live and love
Cast away your hatred
And plant seeds of love on
This beautiful earth and give
happiness to all around
Giving happiness away multiplies
your own happiness
Enjoy the beauty of the mother
earth who gives you sweet fruits
and grains for your health
Earth is the right place to live and love
Dont waste your life on trivial fights
complicating your happiness !
(C) Sarala Balachandran

Sarala Balachandran

Sarala Balachandran is resident of Kolkata West Bengali India with her family. Her poems have been published in national and international anthologies. Contributing poet to Different Truths