Shurouk Hammod

Sidewalk Of Memory

While crossing the sidewalk of memory
With feet of oblivion blades,
I remembered your face
As it reproaches my childhood on its height,
As the sin stammers in its pores
Those got widened due to the pants of their eagerness
To the extent of scaring the swing of possibilities
Between my heart and my intuition
My intuition that knows you
As a child knows how booby trapped candy look like,
And my heart that falls into the hole of your pulse
Thousand times a day.

Falling Alive

I fall alive
Like a dry umbrella
The wind did not break its ribs
And the heavy snow did not open a window
That overlooks any sky.

I fall in the well of my thoughts
The well I thought the heat of waiting
Had dried the water of its eyes;
Then I get drowned in my confusion
As the coasts sun does
Without getting wet with the eyes of its beholders

I fall awake
Like a prisoner whose has the nightmare
 About long living under the same absurd.
I fall alive
Like any poet who prefers to live in the eyes of the words
Then drops from them like a tear
The air makes her cry
 In order to survive.

I Became A Night

O nostalgia
That I do not know who told you my name;
Since the day I met you
I am counting the names of the dead who crossed
My heart towards their ends.
Since my looks have broken on your ankles,
My eyelids are falling like trees 'flags  
Since you have coded the channels of my tomorrow,
I am stumbling with the illusions of intentions.
Since despair has taught me your alphabet,
 I am coloring my name with recession
Until I became a night
With a newborn moon
That overlooks a cemetery

Shurouk Hammod

Shurouk Hammod Born in 1982, a Syrian poetess, literary translator, BA of arts graduate and a master degree graduate of written translation, Damascus University. She has three published poetry collections in Arabic language and two published poetry collection in English titled: (the night papers),(Blind time), in addition; excerpts of her poetry that have been published in many poetry anthologies in France, Serbia, Netherlands and India, A member of Palestinian writers and journalists union. An honorary member at NAJI Naaman international library of honorary culture. Award winner of many local and international poetry awards: Charles Baudelaire first prize for poetry creativity, 2018 Sylvia Plath medal for writing poetry 2017 Jack Kerouac poetry merit award 2016  Arthur Rimbaud merit diploma for writing poetry, 2015 Nazik al Malieka literary prize for writing poetry 2012 Alexandria public library prize for writing poetry 2012 Naji Namman international literary prize for writing poetry 2014 She has been appointed as ambassador of the word by the Spanish foundation Cesar Egido Serrano, 2016  Her poetry has been translated into French, Finnish, Mandarin, German, Italian , Spanish, Bengali and English. Email: